Chalets in Morzine

Check some of the nicest chalets in Morzine

Staying in a chalet has the advantage of being completely customised to your needs, which is one of many delights of this type of accommodation. A self catered chalet allows you to have the privacy that you desire, but there are no set meal times and you get to choose from all the different and delicious restaurants in Morzine.

If you decide to book a catered chalet you will often have the services of an entire team to help make your holiday both memorable and relaxing. This allows you to simply enjoy the mountain, spend time with family and friends, or, if you prefer, enjoy a glass of bubbly in the jacuzzi whilst watching the world go by.

If a Morzine chalet is not your thing, there are other types of places to stay in Morzine.


Chalet de mes rêves

Chalet de mes rêves

By Morgan Jupe

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