Grocery Shopping in Morzine

People who have opted for self catering must do their own grocery shopping for their meals when they are not eating out in Morzine. Although they have a number of restaurants to choose from in town eating out every night can be expensive and also not necessarily the healthiest option! There are a number of options for grocery shopping, both in and out of town.

Out Of Town

One option available to people driving themselves to resort is firstly to bring some of their own supplies. They can also stop off on the way - Both Cluses and Taninges are close to resort and have large supermarkets including cheaper supermarkets for those not wishing to spend too much money. The supermarkets out of town are significantly cheaper than those in town, and stocking up at Lidl can save plenty of money. Thonon also has a number of supermarkets.

In Town

There are two main supermarkets in Morzine itself. There is one supermarket in the centre of town and one slightly outside of the centre of town, both of which are quite large in comparison to the supermarkets found in many ski resorts. This means that there is a greater choice for customers as well as better prices than found in some ski resorts, although the supermarkets in town are still generally more expensive than the supermarkets outside of the resort. As well as the groceries you would expect there are also a selection of local cheeses, meats and liqueurs such as Genepi and Chartreuse.

The supermarkets are generally open all day every day during the winter and summer season but close for lunch during the interseason months when town is not so busy and do not open on Sundays during those periods.

All the supermarkets in town offer a selection of bio products as well as vegan and vegetarian produce and food for those with allergies, such as soy milk, tofu etc. There are a couple of shops that specifically specialise in Bio produccts as well, providing a better choice of these products.

For other supplies, there is the market every Wednesday selling fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, jams, honey and other local produce as well as small speciality stores in town selling the locally produced foods. These are the best places to try out some samples of these foods and to learn more about their history and how they are produced.

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