Our suggestion of road cycling routes around Morzine

It's summer, which means cycling season is well underway, and we're loving it. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned cyclist or new to the game, Morzine is a great place to pull on your lycra and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Here are a few of the most popular cycling routes in Morzine.


Accessed from either Samoens or Morzine is the infamous climb that you may recognise from the Tour de France. It links the two villages on a very scenic road that is open throughout the year apart from winter. It is situated at 1691 meters above sea level.

Leaving Samoens, you'll face a 11.6-kilometer climb to begin your cycle up the Col de Joux Plane. At first, the road climbs at 12%, then averages 8.5%. You are then, however, rewarded with breath-taking views of the Grand Massif. Despite the fact that the last few kilometers in the woods are tough on the legs, the views of Mont Blanc when you emerge are worth the effort.

Make sure not to get too relaxed as you'll still need to climb back up to the Col du Ranfolly before making the long, steep descent back to Morzine.

While the route is a little more forgiving from Morzine, it is still a strenuous ascent. Through the forest, the first few kilometres are at 10/11% before averaging out at 9%. It offers some relief with a minor descent above the Fys chairlift and an occasional flat area in the woods, but overall it averages 6.5%.


The views at the top of this col are never-ending and breathtaking no matter which route you decide to take.

Over the course of 14 kilometers and 960 meters, the climb from Mieussy leads you to the top. The start is a pretty steady climb for roughly 5-6km before it starts to get steep. The most difficult section is around the tunnel, which has a gradient of 11%. For the last few kilometres, it flattens out, and then you're at the top. Seeing Mont Blanc in all its beauty will make the journey worthwhile.
From Praz de Lys, turn left to ascend up to the Col de l'Encrenaz (through woods with a few hairpins to get those calves warmed up again) before descending back to Morzine.

The road ascends 6km at an average of 8% from Morzine to the Col de l'Encrenaz (1432m) before descending to the Praz de Lys. It starts off tough, then gets easier for 3km, easier again for 1km, before ramping back up for the final kilometer.

As you climb the Praz de Lys road, it starts off a little steep as you wind through forest before popping out at the top where it becomes considerably flatter.


There are many cycling routes in Morzine, but this one is probably the most popular, especially the climb from Montriond, past Lac de Montriond, through the Goat Village and up to Les Lindarets.

You can either get to Lac de Montriond up the main road or you can opt for a more scenic ascent, winding through Le Lavanchy. Once you're at the lake, the climb is a little intense through the Goat Village, offering a grind of 3.3km at 9%. The climb from there up to the Col de la Joux Verte is one you surely wont forge due to it's breathtaking views.

Another way is to head up from Morzine and then up the Route d'Avoriaz which is more challengenging but perhaps not as pretty. The switch-backs offer 8,8km at 7%. Once out the woods and past the houses, the hardest part is over with the final 5km taking you up along the cliffs towards Avoriaz.


For a more easier cycling option which doesn't involve climbing cols you have Pont des Gets. Firstly, cycle the gentle road from Morzine to Les Gets. Head down towards Taninges for about a 10km stretch which is all downhill. From Taninges you'll cycle along a quiet road leading to the village of Rond. From there, you can access Les Gets and then back to Morzine.

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