The two main seasons in Morzine, when town gets busy and everything opens up, are winter and summer. Each one is unique and offers something very different for visitors.

Summer dates and weather

The summer season runs from early to mid June through to the start of September. By April temperatures will usually be rising significantly and snow will be melting fast, particularly on more exposed lower pistes such as the Pleney. Things can change quickly however and there have been heavy snowfalls in May. By late September temperatures will be dropping again and snow will usually begin falling at altitude by October. The weather is generally hot and sunny with the occasional spectacular thunder storm. Temperatures can vary massively, but the temperature is usually around the mid twenties, with some days going up into the mid thirties and at other times dropping much lower.

Mountain activities

The surrounding mountains change completely and it can be quite a shock for people who are used to white mountains to come and see the green slopes! It is the perfect time of year to relax by the Montriond Lake or hike some of the local peaks, although it is always advisable to keep an eye on the local forecast and watch the skies as storms can come in quickly!

The snow

The winter snows can last till quite late in the Summer offering a real contrast between the grassy lower slopes and the white peaks. Mt Blanc looks particularly striking standing out white amongst the green! The summer storms can occasionally bring snow to the peaks surrounding Morzine. 

Summer storms

Storms can come in quickly. As with winter it is important during the summer to check the most up to date weather forecast and be prepared for all possibilities.