Springtime gets largely overlooked as the two main seasons in Morzine for visitors are winter and summer and spring is usually a quiet time in town.

The snow starts to melt in spring

By April the snows of winter will usually be melting fast at lower altitudes. The lifts close at the end of April although there is usually still good snow higher up. There can still be late snowfall even during May. 

When does Spring run?

Spring could be said to run from mid March when the temperatures start rising until June. Spring time skiing is generally slushy due to the warmer weather although there are still usually some late season snow falls. By mid April the lower pistes of Pleney and Les Gets will begin closing. The weather remains very variable and can change quickly.

Uncertain weather in the mountains

It is usually not advisable to try hiking the higher peaks in May even when they are starting to turn green due to the fact that there will either still be snow up there or the slopes will still be very wet with the melted snow running down to the river. At this time of year the river can often be very high due to all the melting snow. This can also be caused by heavy rain storms, which are not uncommon at this time of year and the river has been known to flood. Whilst these mostly bring rain to Morzine, due to the rising temperature, they can bring snow at higher altitudes.

Getting ready for Summer

By late May and early June most of the snow will have melted except for the highest peaks such as the Haut Forts. The mountain bike trails will usually be clear and ready for riding by this time.