The different seasons in Morzine can largely be categorised by the different weather. The weather in Morzine affects the number of visitors to the town - the winter snow brings keen skiers and snowboarders to town and the hot summer months bring families and mountain bikers.


Winter is the season that Morzine is most famous for and lasts from December till April. It is one of the premier destinations in the Alps for skiing and snowboarding. The higher slopes have some of the best snowfall in the whole of Europe and there is a wide variety of different terrain throughout the Portes Du Soleil ski area. Temperatures can range from the minus twenties to the plus twenties.


By April the snow is beginning to melt and Spring has begun. Spring runs till early June. There is still often late snowfall during these months, even after the lifts have closed for winter at the end of April. Generally though temperatures will be rising as summer gets closer. Towards the end of April the town begins to get quieter and it is very quiet throughout May. There can be heavy rainfall during this time. However, there can also be beautiful warm sunny days. 


By June the snow will mostly have melted except on the highest mountains, and summer has begun. Summer runs from June till September. The temperatures are usually at their highest during July and August, regularly getting to 30 degrees or more. There can still be rainfall including spectacular thunder storms. There can even be occasional snowfall at higher altitudes, although it doesnít tend to last long as the temperature usually goes up again very quickly. Storms can come in very quickly so it is important to check the weather forecast and pay attention to the conditions if you are going up the mountain, whether hiking or on a bike. Lifts can be closed if there is a storm.


Autumn lasts from mid September till early December, when winter begins again. Throughout October and November the snowline begins creeping down to town. Early snowfall usually melts at lower altitude but if the temperature stays low enough it will begin to accumulate higher up. From September the temperature will start to get lower, but there are still warm and sunny days throughout Autumn.