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Morzine is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Alps. There are a number of different ways to become familiar with the town before visiting.

Let us introduce you to Morzine

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Checking the webcams in Morzine-Avoriaz can give a reasonably accurate idea of the current conditions. It can be used to check the snow level and the current weather conditions. There are other ways to check the conditions with more accuracy, however.


Checking the Morzine weather forecast generally involves weather itself and, in winter, checking the snow report, in order to get an accurate idea of what the conditions are like on the slopes. The weather varies from season to season and people look for different weather conditions depending on the time of year. During winter, however, the focus is firmly on the snowfall. The Morzine snow report includes details of the type of snow to be found on the mountain and also, very importantly, avalanche reports.


It is always interesting to be aware of the history of a place you are visiting, and Morzine history is particularly interesting compared to many newer resorts. Dating back 1000 years, Morzine has been farmland, a market town and a centre for the slate industry before becoming a centre for tourism and skiing in the 1930s. Projects have continued since then to improve the townís infrastructure as well as improve the ski connections, and plans are in place to continue to improve the town. It is also interesting to look at the events that have visited Morzine, such as the Tour De France and the Harley Days festival.

As Avoriaz is a far newer resort than its neighbours it does not have a history dating back as far as them. However, it's development, from vision to reality, is a fascinating story, and it is worth learning something of the history as it has been so pivotal in the development of the Portes Du Soleil ski area. It has not been as important to redevelop as Morzine as Avoriaz was purpose built. But developments such as Aquariaz as improved lifts have nevertheless continued to enhance the visitor experience. Historically some major events, such as the Tour De France have visited Avoriaz as well.


The geography of Morzine places it in a perfect location for tourism. Whilst it is located in the mountains with nature all around it is close enough to major towns and cities such as Geneva that it is easy for tourists to visit. It is also part of the Geopark Du Chablais, a UNESCO area of geological significance.

Avoriaz's location, perched high on the cliffs in the centre of some of the best skiing in the area, was chosen to help make it a world class skiing destination. It matches the wilderness and beauty of the mountains with the convenience of having major towns and cities in reasonably close proximity.


To truly discover Morzine it is a good idea to immerse yourself in the culture. From local souvenirs to the historical Baroque art, there is something for everyone. There are plenty of local foods to try as well, from the famous cheese dishes such as tartiflette and fondue to the local pastries. 

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