Getting around Morzine's mountain roads by car is fine for most of the year, but during winter when the snow falls on the ground it is a different proposition. There are a few items of equipment that should be purchased before attempting to drive around resort.


Its useful to have a shovel in case you have to dig your car out after a heavy snowfall. If you are parked on the road the snow ploughs sometimes have a habit of pushing snow up against cars as well.


When winter comes the supermarkets and hardware stores begin selling large bags of salt. If you have a driveway it's a good idea to keep some handy in case you have to clear the driveway.

Winter Tyres

People who live in Morzine and drive year round will most likely get their winter tyres fitted as soon as winter looks to be on the way. Winter tyres make driving on snowy and icy roads much simpler. Winter tyres are made from a different rubber compound to summer tyres, meaning that they do not harden up in the cold the way that summer tyres do. They are specifically designed for use in temperatures below ten degrees celsius. When summer tyres harden up they lose grip. Winter tyres also have a grip pattern designed for better grip and water displacement. Tests have shown that a car travelling at thirty miles an hour on a snowy road will come to a stop in thirty five metres, while with summer tyres fitted the stopping distance increases to forty three metres, a total difference of two car lengths.

Summer tyres actually provide better grip in the summer months, which is why people do not leave winter tyres on year round. Driver are six times more likely to have a crash in winter months, so fitting the appropriate tyres helps reduce this risk.

Snow Chains And Snow Socks

Snow chains and snow socks are designed to be fitted at times when there is a great deal of snow on the roads. They greatly increase traction in the snow. During winter there are usually times when drivers are prevented from driving on the road to Avoriaz unless they have chains or socks fitted. It is not uncommon for traffic congestion to build up on the road from Les Gets to Morzine, particularly on busy weekend transfer days, if it has snowed and people are forced to pull over to attach their snow chains.

Snow chains must be carried by law in France, with fines for people failing to comply.

Having bought chains, people should practice putting them on at home. If the first time you have to put them on is in the middle of a blizzard in the dark!