Despite being a traditional mountain town Morzine has adapted to the influx of cars over the years, building a new and improved infrastructure over the years.

The main routes into Morzine are through Les Gets, up from Thonon (going through St Jean D'Aulps and Montriond) and over the Col de Joux Plane from Samoëns. The Joux Plane closes in winter. Most people come through Les Gets when they drive to Morzine since they take the highway till Cluses.

Winter tyres are essential during the winter months in Morzine, and its a legal requirement to carry chains as well, and use them where signs state they are required.

There are a number of one way systems in town (for example, the Rue Du Bourg is one way) in order to control the flow of traffic.

There are roads leading to the Ardent lift and the Prodains lift, with parking at both (the parking at Prodains is paid in winter)

It is better to drive to some of the further parts of Morzine - for example anywhere higher on the Route DíAvoriaz, along the valley towards Prodains, up towards the Joux Plagne and along the Route De La Plagne.

There are very good public transport links in Morzine, so even if you drive out expecting to do a lot of driving in town you might be surprised by how little you actually end up using your car. It is also the more environmentally friendly option to take advantage of public transport.

During the winter and summer seasons town gets a lot busier, and driving slower than normal will help reduce the risk of accidents occurring. When town is busy cars can pull out at a momentís notice so keep your wits about you as well. In winter the roads can be slippery, and in summer the amount of cyclists on the road who do not always pay attention increases the risks.

The roads can sometimes be closed for special events (The Tour De France, Harley Days etc) but these closures are usually advertised beforehand so keep an eye out for any notices with information about closures.

The roads tend to get much busier at the weekends as people leave town and more people arrive. They also tend to be full on the busier weeks, such as New Year and February.

From Morzine it is also possible to drive all the way up to Avoriaz, either by the Col de Joux Verte or the Route D'Avoriaz.