Some people coming out to Morzine on holiday want to have a car to get around town, and maybe even for day trips to other towns or resorts, but do not want to go to the trouble of driving their own vehicle all the way from the UK.

Getting a car on arrival

Renting a car from Geneva Airport means that you don't have to pay for a transfer to resort and your car can be supplied with winter tyres, snow chains and everything that is legally required for driving in France.

New EU legislation was introduced on the 28th of May 2016, which has had a large impact on those wishing to rent cars from Geneva. EU citizens are now banned from driving non EU cars in the EU. Due to the fact that Switzerland is not a part of the EU this has caused problems for those wishing to rent cars from the Swiss side of the airport and drive over the border. The change in law was not very well publicised when it was introduced and many people were unaware of it. This law can be circumvented by renting from the French side, however, and some of the rental agencies on the Swiss side have also begun stocking French or German registered cars.

There are plenty of websites advertising car rental so it's easy to compare prices as well as read reviews of the different companies to ensure that you get the best possible service. A lot of companies place limits on mileage, so if you are planning on travelling around the Alps with the car then definitely check the fine print.

There is also car rental available in Morzine for anyone who decides they want to rent a car when they have already got to town, or do not want to drive up from Geneva.

Petrol Stations

Buying petrol outside of the resort works out considerably cheaper than buying in resort. If you have the time to drive just a short way out of town it can save significant amounts of money. If you are travelling to another resort or another town at any point then there can be even better savings to be found at other petrol stations.

There is a petrol station near the tourist office. Driving outside Morzine towards St Jean d'Aulps, you will find a Carrefour with cheaper prices. And if you happen to drive further through Thonon or Taninges, then take the opportunity to stop by their gas stations.