If you have a car in Morzine, whether yours or rented, and are staying on the outskirts of town then you will want to take advantage of the parking in Morzine. Whether this is storing your car in underground parking, driving in to town to visit the shops or driving to the slopes every day there are different options

It's generally easier to find a car parking space in the summer and interseason months than in winter, when town is at its busiest (although when events such as the Tour De France and Harley Days come to town in summer town is also very busy and parking spaces are almost impossible to find)

Covered parking

There are plenty of underground and covered parking spaces, with the main three being found by the tourist information office, underneath the Pleney lift and by the church at the bottom of the Rue Du Bourg. There is also one in Montriond next to the church. Itís possible to buy tickets in advance by the week, month or season. These are the most popular parking spaces as they keep the car sheltered, avoiding the elements as well as risks from other cars, snowploughs or vandals.

Outside parking

There are also a large number of outside parking spots. Some of these, such as the Palais des Sport and the car park around the Post Office are free for the first 4 hours. For people heading to the ski slopes the car park at Ardent is free, but the car park at Prodains is paid. The car parks at the lifts do get quite full during busier periods, especially at Prodains. Ardent is generally a bit quieter.

Parking on the streets

Parking on the streets poses certain problems that need to be considered. Whilst it might look like a safe spot, at times of heavy snowfall the snowploughs sometimes push snow up against cars as they go past and block the car in, or even damage it. They can also be treacherous for other cars when the conditions are icy, if they don't leave enough room for other cars.

Tickets are required for cars parking on the rue du Bourg, with a ticket machine on the pavement every 30 meters or so. Note that the first 20 minutes are free but you still need to print a ticket.

The Police Municipal patrol the streets ticketing cars that are parked where they shouldn't be. Another possible punishment is having your car towed. In particular this is used if you park where an event is to be held - for example, leaving your car in the Post Office car park overnight on Tuesday when the market is held every Wednesday.