Cars are a popular choice for getting around Morzine. They offer the convenience of being able to get around when you want to wherever you want.

There are a number of considerations to keep in mind when driving in France, however. French law requires cars to carry warning triangles and reflective jackets in reach of all people in the car. There were plans to introduce a law requiring all cars to carry a government approved breathalyser, but for now the law has been suspended over a lack of government approved breathalysers available to the public.

Right hand drive cars must have their headlights fitted with deflectors to avoid the light getting in other road users eyes. If your car is British and the number plate does not include the GB symbol on it then it's required that it has a sticker bearing the letters.

Speed camera detectors are also illegal in France and if your navigation system has one inbuilt then it has to be disabled.

Driving Around Morzine

The infrastructure of Morzine has been upgraded over the years in order to allow better access for cars. However, there are certain considerations for driving around the town. In winter the roads can become icy which can be hazardous, so extra care has to be taken. In summer there are plenty of cyclists on the road and they can provide a hazard themselves.

By choosing to drive in Morzine you give yourself the option of driving to and from the slopes whenever you want, as well as driving into town if you are staying further away.

There are a number of one way systems around the town to be aware of, and sometimes certain roads are closed for special events.


In winter the preferred type of parking is underground parking to avoid the elements damaging your car, or snowploughs pushing snow up against them. However, due to their popularity they often get filled up quickly, especially in busy periods. There are a number of outdoor parking areas as well, and you can park along some of the roads,although make sure that you are not blocking the snowplough.

Car Rental And Petrol Stations

If you don't want to drive your own car over from the UK there is the option to rent one. Most people rent from Geneva Airport when they land, although there are new EU regulations that have to be considered when renting.

The closer you get to the resort, the more expensive petrol gets. Petrol stations just out of town offer cheaper prices if you have the time to head out of town.

Winter Equipment

Driving in snow requires special equipment for the car. Winter tyres have a grip more suited to the snow and ice, and are made of a compound that does not harden up in cold weather. Snow chains must be kept in cars in France by law,although snow socks are a good option as well.