During the winter and summer months the town of Morzine has a free bus service allowing people to get around easily.

As the town has grown more organically over time than many purpose built ski resorts it spreads out along the valley and the bus service is a vital way for people to get around. Whilst it is obviously important for those without cars, even those with cars often find it easier to just get the bus, particularly in winter when the roads might be icy. For people carrying heavy skis and walking around in heavy ski boots it makes life considerably easier, and for anyone dealing with both ski equipment and young children it is a vital service.

When Does The Bus Service Run?

The bus service runs during the winter and summer season, meaning that it begins in mid December and finishes late April for winter and in Summer it runs from late June/early July to early September.

The buses generally run from around 7:30/8:00 AM till around 7:30 PM. The A bus runs later, usually till around 9:00-10:00 PM.

What Are The Bus Routes?

The various bus routes have some differences between summer and winter.

The U bus: In winter the U bus goes from the Pleney up past the Hotel de Savoie, along to Les Granges at the far end of Morzine, down through the centre of town and back to the Pleney. It is perfect for people staying far out from the centre of town. This service does not run in summer, check the A bus below.

The A bus: The A bus runs from the Pleney through town and up to the bottom of Prodains, providing access to Avoriaz. In summer the route is extended to include the U bus route.

The M bus: The M bus goes from the bottom of the high street (by the Mairie) to Montriond and then up past the lake to Ardent. In summer it only goes as far as the lake and does not go up to Ardent.

The N bus: The N bus is another bus that only runs during winter. It does a circuit of the centre of town, starting at the Pleney before heading up to the Nyon lift.

The E bus: This bus also head up towards Nyon but continues up the Vallee De La Manche to L'Erigne. In summer it continues on further to the Lac des Mines d'Or.

The D bus: The D bus goes from town up through Mas Metoud and back down Udrezants, providing a service for people living up towards the Route d'Avoriaz.

The P bus: The P bus, which only runs in winter, runs from the Rond Point du Pied de La Plagne at the far end of town and heads towards the Pleney via the Office Du Tourisme,

Finally, for anyone needing to get between Super Morzine and the Pleney there is a "Petit Train" (small road train) running between the two during the season.