The Baladaulps bus provides a service for those living out of Morzine allowing people to leave their car at home and still be able to get around. Many people choose not to live in Morzine - property prices, both for renting and to buy, are much cheaper out of Morzine which can make it an attractive proposition. For those looking for a larger property, with a garden or even larger areas of land, the satellite villages offer much better value for money. Some people also prefer to avoid living in Morzine because it is noisier and busier than the surrounding villages. The bus also allows people from Morzine to get to Les Gets, which can be vital for people who have to travel between the two for work and do not have a car.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Baladaulps bus service costs one euro fifty per ride, or seventy five cents for under tens. It is also possible to buy a ten ticket card for ten euros or a monthly card for thirty euros, providing great value for anyone who lives out of town and has to get to Morzine regularly.

What Is The Route?

The bus travels along the Valle DíAulps, starting down in Bioge. It then visits the villages along the valley, stopping at Le Jotty, Le Biot, Seytroux, Saint Jean DíAulps, Essert-Romand, Montriond, Morzine and finally finishing in Les Gets. This means that it takes in almost all the villages along the valley and is easily accessible for those living in the valley. Once it gets to Montriond, Morzine and Les Gets it also meets up with the bus stops which the local free buses use, meaning that people can then change for the free bus to Ardent or Prodains, for example.

There is also a second route that runs Seytroux, Le Biot, Saint Jean DíAulps, Montriond, Morzine, Les Gets and a third line that comes from the Col Du Corbier own to St Jean DíAulps.

The bus stops close to the large supermarket in St Jean DíAulps allowing people who live out of town and donít have a car to do their weekly shopping.

When Does The Bus Run?

The bus only runs during the winter and summer seasons. This means that it runs from mid December to late April and again from late June to the end of August. It runs daily from 7:45 AM to 6:45PM


During the months when the bus is not running the Ligne 91 bus runs a similar route all the way down to Thonon. Although it doesn't take in all the villages that the Baladaulps service does it still allows those in the area not to feel stranded.