There are a number of things to consider when deciding whether to buy or rent your ski or snowboard equipment when visiting Morzine. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

If you decide to buy your equipment then you can get exactly what you want. You can spend the time reading reviews and speaking to people about the pros and cons of specific models. Its possible to choose your own bindings and boots to get the best possible fit for your needs. Some of the shops in town offer a ski or board test service where you can pay to take some of the equipment out to test, and if you choose to buy it the amount already paid is taken off the overall price. There is also a free ski and board test held in Avoriaz at the start of every winter season.

Some of the shops in town do offer high end skis for rental, but the price increases significantly with this option. It can be hard to find high end rental snowboards in town.

If you ski or snowboard regularly then buying your own equipment also begins to make more sense financially. Good quality equipment can last for years and can therefore be a good investment.

The first and most important thing to buy is your own boots. These are the way you directly interact with your skis and boards and getting the best possible fit can make a huge difference to your skiing.

If you are just beginning to ski or snowboard, however, then renting equipment can make more sense. Firstly, beginner equipment is designed specifically for those who are learning. Buying your own equipment will mean that you are buying skis that you will soon grow out of. On the other hand, buying more advanced equipment will hamper the learning process.

Owning your own equipment also means that you have to pay to get it to resort, as airlines charge for ski or board bags. Another expenditure is paying for servicing - having them waxed and the edges tuned as well as any repairs that might be necessary if they hit any rocks. Itís also a good idea to organise insurance for your kit, as thefts are not unheard of in resorts.

In conclusion, renting equipment makes more sense for beginners and infrequent skiers, whilst more advanced skiers who go away skiing more regularly will benefit from buying their own equipment.