Having decided to come to Morzine to ski or snowboard it is then necessary to arrange the equipment you'll need for your chosen activity. There are a number of different choices available depending on experience, budget etc.

Buy Or Rent?

Depending on the amount of time you spend skiing or snowboarding it might work out better to buy your own equipment instead of renting. There are pros and cons to both options. For people who are more experienced or who ski on a regular basis then it can be a better option to buy your own equipment. This saves money in rental as well as allowing you to buy the best possible equipment for your needs. The first piece of equipment that most people would recommend buying would be boots, whether ski boots or snowboard boots. These can be professionally moulded to your exact foot size and shape and can make a huge difference in your skiing experience, as they are your way of interacting with your skis or board.

The downside of buying your own equipment is the cost and hassle of getting it to and from resort, as well as insurance, and being responsible for your own maintenance.

Buying your own equipment is generally a better option for more experienced skiers than for beginners as they have a better idea of what they want.

Ski Sales

Some of the local towns in the area hold ski sales in November. These are usually advertised around the nearby towns with bright posters and they are a chance to get a bargain as shops sell new skis with large discounts as well as ex rental gear and some of the local ski clubs sell their old race skis.

Renting Online

One option that a lot of the local businesses are starting to support is equipment online booking. This saves time when you arrive in resort and allows you to see what the different shops have to offer. There are also usually some special offers around so it can be a good way to save some money on equipment rental.


Naturally for a ski resort there are plenty of ski shops around offering a selection of different equipment. Some shops specialise more in rental equipment whilst others have a better selection of equipment for sale. Many of the staff in the shops have worked as ski technicians for a number of years and have a great deal of knowledge that they are happy to share with their customers, whether they are renting or buying their equipment. They can also service your equipment - waxing, edging or if the worst comes to the worst repairing and damage. Some of them also offer a boot fitting service to get the most comfortable and reactive experience possible.