Of all the activities in Morzine, it is those in winter that first helped raise the profile of the town and led to its continued expansion. It is now one of the most popular winter destinations in Europe, and this is because of the success of their winter activities. The town has continued to go from strength to strength as the winter sports industry has continued to grow over the past eighty years.

Ski And Snowboard

Skiing was the sport that first made Morzine popular with holiday makers. Since the 1930s, when the Pleney opened, skiing has continued to grow in popularity, particularly when Morzine was linked to the newly built Avoriaz in the 1960s and the rest of the new Portes Du Soleil. From the 1980s snowboarding was also welcomed in the area, and it remains a popular destination for snowboarders, with two half pipes and plenty of parks for anyone wanting to try some tricks..

If skiing and snowboarding is what brings you to Morzine then lessons are something to consider. For beginners they are absolutely essential, but even for more advanced skiers there is always something to learn, and itís possible to get lessons in whatever area you wish to improve in.

The equipment you use is another important consideration. Do you buy or rent? There are advantages and disadvantages to both. If you are renting, it is possible to book online to get a better deal and save both time and money. The other options are visiting the shops in town or visiting the ski sales that take place in the towns around Morzine in November.

Other Winter Activities

For those unable to ski, or who want to try something different, there are a number of other activities to enjoy whilst visiting Morzine. These include husky sledging - to travel around the mountain while the dogs do all the work, skidooing - seeing the mountain at night on a snowmobile, Snowshoeing - a chance to head out into the wilderness, Paragliding - to see the mountains from above, cheese tasting - trying some of the traditional local cheeses and seeing how they are made, ice diving - head below Lac Montriond for a unique experience under the ice and the ice hockey - go and cheer on the local team if they are playing at home when you visit and enjoy the atmosphere of the game.