One of the most traditional and popular summer activities in the mountains is hiking. For one thing, it is completely free (although people can spend extra money on poles, hiking boots etc) and allows people to get out in nature and see the mountains. The benefits include the fresh air, the exercise and the views from the summits.

There are many hikes that are easily accessible from Morzine. Before heading out though it is important to check the weather forecast to ensure that the day will be clear. Even if the skies look clear when you depart, the weather can close in quickly so it is a good idea to be prepared.

Pointe De Nyon

The pointe De Nyon is accessible from the bottom of the Nyon car park. It takes hikers up through the woods towards the Nyon Plateau (where there are a number of restaurants open in summer) and then past there and on to the top of Nyon.


The peak of Ressachaux stands over Morzine. It can be accessed from opposite the bottom of Nyon or from the woods on the Route Des Ardoisieres. Both routes are clearly signposted. The hike takes walkers to a plateau that then winds up towards the summit. It offers views down to town, over to the Haut Forts and Avoriaz and Mt Blanc in the distance.


The peak of Nantaux can either be hiked from Essert La Pierre or from Lavanchy in Montriond. The Lavanchy route is also known as the KMV, or ìKilometre Vertî. It is a steep path throught he woods that heads straight to the ridge line at the top. Every year a race is held to reach the summit as fast as possible via this route. Once at the top the walker is rewarded with views from the back of Nantaux, which are not usually visible from elsewhere, as well as stunning views of the Montriond lake, Avoriaz and Mt Blanc. Dogs must be kept on a leash as there are sheep on the land above the woods.

Roc D'Enfer

Slightly outside of Morzine, but well worth a visit, Roc DíEnfer is one of the most recognisable peaks in the area with its ìhornsî at the top. It is accessed by driving through Essert Romand and then up to Graydon. From their hikers walk through the nature reserve, where it is normal to see bouquetin, chamois, marmots and eagles. As it is a nature reserve, dogs are not allowed. The top section is a bit of a scramble, but the views from the top of one of the horns are well worth the effort, with all the surrounding mountains, including Mt Blanc and the back of Mt Chery, visible. Of all the hikes close to Morzine, this is the one that provides a true sense of wilderness.

This is just a sample of some of the more popular hiking routes around Morzine. There are many more to be discovered by speaking to locals, buying guidebooks or exploring for yourself. Many of them are signposted, so keep an eye out for the yellow signs!