Geographically Morzine is located in the eastern part of France.

Central European Time Zone

This means that it is in the Central European Time Zone. This time zone is used by most of the European Union and some Northern African countries. It is one hour ahead of the time zone in Britain. During the summer months France, as well as most of Europe, also observes Central European Summer Time. Since 1996 Central European Summer Time has been observed between 1:00 AM on the last Sunday of March and 1:00 AM on the last Sunday of October.

Sunrise and Sunset Times Throughout The Year

Depending on the time of the year the days can either be quite short or quite long. In the summer months, when the weather is very hot, the long, cooler evenings can be some of the most pleasant times of the day.

In January Sunrise averages out at around 8:10 and sunset is around 17:10, so there are about nine hours of daylight.

In February the sunrise is around 07:40 and sunset is around 18:00, giving an average of approximately 10 hours twenty minutes daylight.

In March Sunset by the middle of the month is about 6:45 with sunset at 18:45, meaning that by the middle of the month there is around twelve hours of daylight. However, due to the clocks changing by the first of April this has changed significantly. At the start of April sunrise is at around 7:10 and sunset at 20:00, giving over thirteen hours of daylight. April averages out to a sunrise around 6:45 and a sunset around 21:00, meaning over fourteen hours of daylight on average.

June sees the longest day of the year and the average time for sunrise is about 05:40 with sunset around 21:30, meaning an average of almost sixteen hours daylight.

The average time for sunrise in July is 06:00 and sunset is at 21:20, meaning almost fifteen and a half hours of daylight.

In August the average sunrise time occurs at 06:30 and sunset is at 20:45 which means there is about fourteen and a quarter hours of daylight.

In September the average time for the sunrise is 07:10 and sunset is at 19:45. This means there roughly twelve and a half hours of sunlight.

October sees the clocks change again, but by the middle of the month sunrise is at 07:50 and sunset is at 18:50, giving an average of eleven hours of daylight.

Due to daylight savings the average time for sunrise in November is 07:30 and sunset is at 17:00 meaning there are ten hours of daylight.

December has the shortest day of the year and the average time for sunrise is 08:10. Sunset averages out at 16:50 so there are around eight and a half hours of daylight.