Whilst looking at the history of Les Gets it is important to frame it within the continued development of the town and the surrounding area. From the small village with its industry based around timber, the village has grown immeasurably in the past seventy years.

Skiing In Les Gets

Since the introduction of the first single seater ski lift in 1938, followed by the opening of the first lift on Mt Chery in 1954, the ski industry in Les Gets has steadily grown over the years. Ls Gets now boasts forty eight lifts, including the Chavannes and Mt Chery bubbles, and seventy one pisted runs. Plans are currently in place to further improve the skiing in the area. Town planners are currently pushing ahead with plans to link the Chavannes area with Mt Chery directly by cable car. This would vastly improve access to Mt Chery, as currently it is necessary to walk across town or take the ìPetit Trainî to get there. It is hoped that this will bring more traffic to Mt Chery and more business to the restaurants on the slopes. Another potentially huge development that is currently being discussed, and that would certainly increase the number of skiers using Mt Chery, is a lift linking the back of Mt Chery to the Grande Terche ski area. Never before has Grande Terche been linked to any other part of the Portes Du Soleil, and this would add a whole new possibility for a tour of the area. The plans are currently being discussed, and the proximity of the proposed link to the nearby nature reserve will certainly be an area that has to be discussed at length. In order to maintain the slopes if these new lifts are built it will also be necessary to install new snow canons to ensure the best possible snow cover for the influx of new skiers and to make sure that the links can remain open as long as possible.

The Les Gets Golf Course

Golf is one of the more popular summer activities in Les Gets, with a beautiful Alpine surrounding and warm sunny days. The golf course is located above the town on the Chavannes side. The first nine holes were opened to the public on the 10th July 1994. On the 29th July 1995 the inauguration was held by Mr Guy Drut, the French Minister for Youth and Sports. In 2001 the golf course was extended further.