There is generally something going on in in Les Gets during all the other seasons of the year. Autumn, however, is the exception.

When is Autumn in Les Gets?

Autumn in Les Gets runs from late September to late November when winter begins.

What is the weather like in Autumn?

The weather can vary a great deal during Autumn. When Autumn begins the weather can still resemble summer, although not usually as hot as July. There can be heavy rainfall throughout Autumn but by November this can often have changed to snow. The earlier snowfall usually melts soon after falling but by late November the first snowfall will usually begin to settle for winter. If it gets cold enough, and is forecast to remain cold, the snow canons might also begin operating in order to get the base layer ready for winter. The resort does not open for skiing till mid December but in the past there have been occasions when there has been a limited opening of the ski slopes at the end of Autumn, late November.

What is the town like in Autumn?

The town of Les Gets gets very quiet towards the end of summer and by the time Autumn begins it will be almost empty. Many of the shops and bars will be closed or have very limited opening times. There is very little going on, and the town will be waiting for the winter to begin and the influx of new seasonaires and tourists.