The weather in Les Gets varies considerably between the different seasons. However, the weather is by no means guaranteed and there can be very warm days in the winter months and it is not unknown for the temperature to drop sharply and storms to come in during the summer time.


Winter is big business in Les Gets due to the townĂ­s location in the mountains. The winter begins in December, when the snow begins to settle and the slopes are made ready for opening. The lifts usually open around mid December. This does depend somewhat on the snowfall, but by the time the first guests arrive every effort will have been made to have as much open as possible. The ski season in Les Gets does not run as long as in resorts at higher altitude, due to its lower altitude and the fact that it gets a lot of sunlight which speeds up the end of the ski season.


Spring time begins towards the end of the ski season, around late March and continues to the end of June. By the end of March the sun is usually out and there is excellent spring skiing to be had. By early may the temperature will be rising considerably and conditions on the slopes will be deteriorating, although a late season snowfall is not uncommon. Les Gets is amongst the first areas in the Portes Du Soleil to close for the ski season, around mid April, but it is then the first to open for Mountain Biking barely a month later at the end of May. Whilst it is not unheard of for their to be some snowfall on the higher slopes even into May, the weather begins to feel a lot more summery by the start of June.


By mid June to late June Les Gets will have turned completely green as the warmer summer weather melts the remaining snow away. The town begins to get much busier, as Les Gets is a world famous mountain bike resort and all the trails will now be open. July and August are the warmest months, with temperatures known to reach into the thirties. Summer last until mid to late September. The lifts close early in September and the town becomes very quiet again.


Autumn, running from late September till roughly the start of December, is a very quiet time in Les Gets. The weather varies from beautiful sunny days to grey rainy days, that nevertheless show that winter is on the way. The first snowfall can come as early as October but is more likely to start falling in November, ready for winter to start again.