Checking the local forecast for Les Gets can let you know what the weather is doing, and is a good idea as it can change quite quickly.

Les Gets weather forecast

You will find below the latest weather forecast for Les Gets.




The changeability of the weather in Les Gets is due to the climate. Les Gets is located in the Alps and is affected by the larger mountains nearby, in particularly Mt Blanc. It is also located in an area where weather systems from different directions converge and affect the climate. It is not as high as Avoriaz, and not as sheltered as some parts of Morzine and so has a milder, sunnier climate. It also has high levels of precipitation, falling (hopefully) as snow in winter and rain in the warmer seasons.

The Seasons In Les Gets

There are four distinct seasons in Les Gets, with markedly different weather and allowing people to enjoy different activities on the mountain slopes.


Les Gets is a well known winter resort. It is famous for the quality of the skiing available and its links to the larger Portes Du Soleil area. The first proper snow of winter usually comes in late November and the town begins to get ready for the winter ahead. The lifts generally open by mid December and town begins to get a lot busier. The winter runs till about late March, by which time the temperature will be increasing and the snow beginning to melt.


With the snow beginning to melt, Spring time begins. The ski lifts are still open till mid April but the weather generally stays warm and sunny. There can be late snowfall but generally the weather has improved. By May much of the snow has melted and by late May the lifts open again for the mountain biking season. It can still be cold up the mountain, and there is often rain, but it is clear that summer is just around the corner.


Summer begins around mid to late June. The temperatures get significantly warmer and there are many beautiful sunny days to enjoy, whether riding bikes, hiking the mountains or simply relaxing by the lake or outside a cafe or bar in town. The temperature can climb into the mid thirties, but be warned - there are also some huge storms during summer, from downpours of rain to impressive thunder storms.


Autumn is the quietest of all the seasons in Les Gets. By late September the town has largely emptied and the weather begins to become colder. The first snow can fall in October but will only really begin to settle towards the end of autumn, marking the change from autumn to winter.