Due to the fact that most people come to Les Gets for activities in the outdoors - skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking etc - being aware of the forecast is an important way to get the most out of their stay and have the best possible experience when discovering Les Gets.

Les Gets Weather

The weather can have a huge effect on a holiday to Les Gets. Checking the forecast in the run up to arrival gives information about what conditions are currently like, and looking forward the forecast gives information about the upcoming weather conditions. Les Gets has an Alpine climate, meaning that things can change quickly, so it is always good to have the most up to date information possible. The different seasons bring different weather conditions. Winter is generally cold and is the season that brings the snow that attracts skiers and boarders. By spring time, although the lifts are still open for skiing when spring begins, the weather is warming up considerably. By the end of spring the lifts are open for mountain bikes and the snow is gone. Summer brings the warmest temperatures with many beautiful sunny days, and any precipitation falls as rain rather than snow. By the start of Autumn the lifts have closed once again and the temperatures are starting to drop, with snow often falling as early as October.

Les Gets Snow Report

The snowfall in winter brings skiers and snowboarders to the resort. The snow report provides visitors with up to date information regarding the type of snow that has fallen, how it has settled and how much has fallen. It also forecasts how much is expected for the next couple of days. After that the forecast becomes less accurate but usually gives some clues as to what to expect. The snow report also provides up to date information regarding the current avalanche risk. This information can also be found at the lift stations and is vitally important if planning to go off piste. If there is heavy snow on the way then skiers can get avalanche training and practice with their avalanche kit - transceiver, probe and shovel. If the snow is due to be slushy and snow then forewarning allows skiers and boarders to wax their equipment to get a bit of extra speed, and if it is due to be icy then it is a good idea to get edges sharpened.