Having taken the time to enjoy the culture of Les Gets and try some of the local delicacies, many visitors wish to take some of the local produce back home with them to enjoy. There are a few options for what to buy and what to take home.

Local Delicacies

The most popular local delicacies include the cheeses which are perhaps the food that the area is most famous for as well as ham and saucisson, jams, honey, local liqueurs such as Genepi, Poire and Chartreuse as well as the breads and pastries that are prepared daily.

Where To Buy Them

La Fruitiere Des Perrieres is located at 137 Route Des Perrieres. It was established early in the twentieth century, when local farmers would bring their milk there to have it made into cheese which was then returned to the farmers. As the business grew they began making their own cheese on site to sell. In 1992 a new dairy was built and the old cellars were converted into a restaurant. The shop itself sells local artisan cheeses still made from the local milk. The cheeses on offer are Abondance, Tomme, Reblochon, Saveur Des Gets, Chevrotin, as well as local liqueurs, milk, jam and honey. The restaurant offers the chance to eat fondues and raclettes with the cheese that used to be ripened on the very spot where diners are sitting.
La Cave Getoise at 50 Rue De Centre has been open since 1945. They also have an online shop so that customers can have their favourite Savoyard foods sent to them. In the shop they sell local cheeses, saucisson, wines and pottery.
At 260 Rue De Centre is Le Traineau, which also sells cheese, wine and local saucisson.
La Ferme De Caroline produce both cows milk and goats milk cheeses which they sell at the market every week. Caroline also makes her own jams and preserves from local fruit.
Refuge De Marie Louise is found at 459 Rue De Centre. It stocks a variety of different saucisson, and plenty of different hams, including Jambon De Savoie, Diots De Savoie, Viande Des Grissons and Filet De Porc. It stocks a number of different local cheeses, including ready made fondue mixes. It also stocks jams, soups, honey and local liqueurs.


Every Thursday morning the local market opens up in the centre of town. Local traders come to town and there are many stalls selling local produce. It is also possible to sample some of it before deciding what to buy.