Away from the skiing, snowboarding, hiking and mountain biking there is plenty more to discover in Les Gets away from the slopes. Les Gets is a traditional Alpine village with a great deal of culture to learn about and enjoy.

Local Art

The Savoie region, including Les Gets, was swept up in the counter reformation Baroque movement. This was an artistic movement that came to prominence from around the year 1600 as a celebration of the Catholic faith through elaborate and extravagant imagery. The movement began in Rome and spread through Catholic countries. In the Savoie area a particular style - The Savoyard Baroque - grew up after the end of the occupation by Bernese Protestant troops between 1536 and 1569. They imposed their religion on the area and the growth of the movement was an affirmation of their faith. Local artisans learnt techniques from other Catholic areas on the continent, such as France, Spain and the Italian states. The movement continued till the mid eighteenth century and can still be seen in the architecture of the older buildings in the area.

Les Gets Souvenir Shops

The local souvenir shops provide an opportunity to buy a memento of the town. These range from postcards, posters and T shirts to more traditional items such as cowbells, sheepskin rugs and local pottery. There are a number of shops around the centre of town that give visitors a good selection to choose from, so there is bound to be something to suit all tastes.

Local Delicacies

As a traditional farming community Les Gets has a long history of producing food. The cattle that graze in the Alpine pastures provided the milk to make the local cheeses - Abondance, Tomme De Savoie, Reblochon amongst others. The cheese was then used in local dishes such as Tartiflette, Raclette and Fondue. Ham and saucisson are other local specialities, and are also used in Raclette. Local liqueurs include Poire, Genepi and Chartreuse. They are often served as digestifs after a meal loaded with cheese.

Local Delicacies Stores

There are a few options in town for purchasing some of the local food that you have tried on your holiday. There are a couple of places that even make their own cheese on site using local milk. The Les Gets market is every Thursday morning and has a large selection of local produce to try out, and usually offers the best value for money.