With the temperatures warming and the snow beginning to melt, spring is the season when skiing comes to an end and the summer activities can begin.

When Is Spring In Chatel?

Spring begins in March. With winter ending there is usually still plenty of snow on the ground and the ski lifts are still open. By April some of the lower slopes will begin to close, in particular the piste on Super Chatel that runs down into town. The links with Morgins will also close early as the snow cover is generally not good as good on that side of Super Chatel. By late May most of the snow will be gone, except maybe in shaded areas and on the higher peaks. There is usually a partial opening of the mountain bike area by late May and by early June, when spring ends, the town will becoming busier for summer.

What Is The Weather Like In Spring?

The weather in spring can vary greatly. The temperature will generally be increasing, but late season snowfall is relatively common. It is not unusual for it to snow in May, but by this time most of the snow will already be gone. Often precipitation will fall as rain rather than snow due to higher temperatures. Whilst this can make for a dreary May, it has the bonus of washing away the snow to help get things ready forth coming mountain bike season. By the start of June temperatures will be higher and there are usually some beautiful sunny days.

Spring Activities In Chatel

Skiing continues in Chatel through to mid April. Some of the lower lifts will close earlier, depending on conditions. The town then becomes quieter but, with the snow melting, by late May it is possible to head up the lifts to go mountain biking on some of famous Chatel trails around Linga. There are also many hikes around the area with beautiful mountain scenery to enjoy. There are also lots of spectacular routes for road biking.

What Is The Town Like In Spring?

By the end of the ski season Chatel will be getting a lot quieter. The town is generally quiet until early June and doesnít generally get busy again until summer really starts, around mid June. The town will begin to get slightly busier as the lifts re open however.