Out of all the seasons of the year autumn is the quietest in Chatel. With only a small year round population and an industry based around tourism, the town is a lot quieter during the autumn months.

When Is Autumn In Chatel?

Autumn runs from mid September until the end of November. It links the summer tourist season with the even busier winter tourist season. Whilst the lifts are open for these two seasons, they do not open in autumn.

What Is The Weather Like In Autumn?

There can b a great deal of variation in the weather in Chatel during autumn. At the end of summer the temperatures will generally still be warm, although the average temperature will already be lower than August and July by this point. Throughout autumn there can still be hot, sunny days but there are also likely to be more days of rain and the temperature will continue dropping the closer to winter it gets. The first snow falls could come in as early as October, although this snow will usually melt quickly as the temperature rises. Some snow might settle on the higher peaks but usually the first snow to settle wonít come till mid to late November. By the end of autumn, if the weather is cold enough, the snow canons might be used to help get the base layer on the pistes ready for winter.

What Is The Town Like In Autumn?

In a word:quiet. With a low year round population and many tourist beds in hotels, apartments and chalets empty there is not much going on in town. Some of the shops, bars and restaurants will not be open at all during these months as there is not enough business to support them. There is not much to do. On the more pleasant days itís still possible to go for hikes and bike rides, but when it rains there is nothing to do. By late November, however, the winter seasonaires will egin arriving and the town will begin to come to life again.