Throughout the four seasons of the year there are different types of weather. Whilst the weather can vary from day to day the averages follow certain patterns.


Winter is the season when Chatel is at its busiest. The cold temperatures and snowfall mean that the mountain slopes open up for skiers providing a vast winter playground that links to the huge Portes Du Soleil ski area. Winter runs from December till mid to late March. The lifts open for the ski season around mid December and are still open at the end of winter going into spring. The town becomes very busy from December onwards, with the school holiday weeks being the busiest.


During the first part of Spring, in March, the lifts are still open and the ski season is continuing. By the end of March the snow on the lower slopes will probably be starting to melt, with the bottom run on Super Chatel and the link to Morgins being the earliest two to close. The rest of the resort closes by mid to late April. The temperatures continue to increase and, despite the possibility of late season snow, the snow continues to melt. By the end of May the town is ready for summer. The lifts begin opening for the mountain biking season and the town begins to get busy once again.


Other than winter, summer is the busiest time in Chatel. It is a world renowned destination for mountain bike holidays and the warm summer temperatures - often over thirty degrees - make it a perfect place for a summer holiday. Summer runs from June till September, when the lifts close and the town becomes quiet once again. During the summer months there is plenty to do besides mountain biking - hikes, climbing, road biking and a lovely lake to visit.


Autumn, running from mid September to December, is the quietest time in Chatel. The town empties out as soon as the mountain biking season ends, with only a few locals left around. The temperature continues dropping throughout autumn leading up to winter and the snow begins falling as the mountains get ready for the coming winter season. There is often high rainfall during this season and it is not the best time to see Chatel.