Checking the weather forecast for the area gives a good indication of what to expect when visiting. The forecast is affected by the climate and the different seasons in the area.

Châtel weather forecast

You will find below the latest weather forecast for Châtel.



Chatel is located in the Northern Alps with an temperate Alpine climate. The weather varies throughout the year, with an average monthly temperature that goes from around zero degrees in January to approximately twenty five degrees in July. The average days of precipitation per month throughout the year is around seven, with the precipitation coming as snow (hopefully) during winter and rain for the majority of the rest of the year. Different factors related to the townís location affect the climate - The altitude, The location at a point where different weather systems meet and the proximity of Mt Blanc and the effect of the Mt Blanc Microclimate. There is approximately one thousand millimetres of precipitation throughout the year, on average.


The different seasons in Chatel show the contrasting conditions throughout the year. Winter is usually cold and is when the snow arrives and settles for the ski season. This is when the temperatures are at their coldest, sometimes dipping below freezing. By spring time the temperature will be increasing as the ski season draws to a close. By April the snow will usually be melting fast,although late season snow is quite common, and even snowfall after the lifts have closed for the ski season. By May, however, the rain will be washing the last of the snow away in preparation for the mountain bike season, which begins at the end of May.Summer is usually warm and mostly sunny, although there are still rainy days. The temperature can go into the mid thirties during the warmest months of July and August. Summer continues in to September, till the lifts close for the mountain bike season. At this time the town becomes considerably quieter from mid September to December. Th temperature drops from September onwards with the first snow usually coming in October, although this often melts before beginning to settle by late November or early December. As the snow begins to settle the snow cannons will be used to get the pistes ready for when winter rolls around again.