Anyone visiting Chatel, in the high mountain valley of Abondance, will be captivated with the local art and architecture and with the sights around them. Many people will want to take home some memento of their trip to remind themselves of the local culture and their time in the mountains

Types Of Souvenir

The obvious souvenir is the postcard. There is a huge selection to choose from, ranging from historical blac and white views of the town to modern images of the mountains and the surrounding area, along with action shots of skiers and snowboarders. For something larger in size there are a number of posters available, with mountain scenes and traditional images, such as old advertisements for the town. T shirts are available promoting the town and featuring images of skiers and snowboarders. Souvenirs such as hip flasks and knives are available with the town name and the Savoie flag on them. Stickers can be bought with the townís name and the Savoie flag as well. There are also a number of locally themed toys such as toy marmots. Celebrating the farming heritage of the town some shops also sell the traditional cowbells.

Local Souvenir Shops In Chatel

Les Poteries De LíErmitage is at 303 Route de Vonnes and is run by Mme Sophie Colombet. It specialises in local hand made and hand painted pottery, including plates, jugs and bowls.
The Tabac Presse Loto Souvenirs Girardoz is at 45 Route De Centre, right in the heart of town, and is run by Mlle Caroline Girardoz. As well as serving as a local newsagent it also stocks a large number of souvenirs.
At 209 Route De Linga is La Lavandiere, run by Mme Patricia Fabre. It specialises in hand made decorations for the house, such as candlestick holders, jars and artwork.
Atelier De Theo, run by M and Mme David Frederic, is at 390 Route Des Freinets. It was founded in 1981 and is the only furniture shop in Chatel. It sells traditional mountain furniture, textiles such as blankets and cushions as well as toys and games.
Couleur Bois at 258 Route De Vonnes is run by Mlle Camille Falletti and is a traditional toy shop.

The Market

Every Wednesday morning throughout the year the traditional market comes to Chatel. This is a great opportunity to look at some of the locally produced items, such as wood carvings and jewellery, that can be taken home.