After taking in the culture of the town and sampling the local food and drink many people will want to take some of the traditional products home with them to share with their friends and family.

Local Delicacies

The most popular local delicacies for visitors to take home with them are the ones that will transport well. The Abondance cheese is a particular favourite, as it is a true local delicacy, taking its name from the Abondance valley, where Chatel is situated and where the cheese is made. Anyone who has sampled the local dish Tartiflette might want to take home some of the Reblochon cheese so that they can make their own version of the classic dish when they return home. The local hams and saucisson are also favourites for tourists as are the local jams and honey. Anyone who has sampled the strong local liquers such as Genepi and Chartreuse might also want to take a bottle or two home with them. There are also a number of Savoie wines available to buy, although none of them are made in the Abondance valley itself.

Where To Buy Local Delicacies

Le Grenier De Chatel is run by M and Mme Christian Page is located at 207 Route De Linga. It specialises in local hams, a vast selection of saucissons, jams, wines and liquers and has a huge selection of local cheeses. It also sells gift packs of jams and locally made chocolates. One cheese in particular to look out for is that made in Chatel by Pochat et Fils.
Le Grenier A Pains, at 139 Route De Vonnes, Boulangerie Grillet LĂ­Essert and Boulangerie Grillet Centre are local bakers selling freshly baked bread as well as freshly made pastries, including the local Croix De Savoie.

The Chatel Market

With its history in farming, the local market has always been an important part of the lives of the local villagers. The tradition continues today with the market coming to the centre of town every Wednesday morning. Local producers come to sell their goods to locals and tourists alike. Walking round the market you can see the traditional foods and the people who make them. It is possible to sample some of the food, such as the cheeses and slices of saucissons, before deciding what to buy.