Away from the action on the mountain - the skiing, the snowboarding and mountain biking - which brings many people to Chatel throughout the year, there is a great deal of culture to be discovered in the village. As a settlement with a history stretching back fifteen hundred years it has built up a long history, and has been a part of the culture of the Duchy of Savoie for hundreds of years, and this culture can be seen all around.

Local Art

Baroque art came to prominence from the year 1600 onwards and was a part of the counter reformation movement. It featured extravagant and elaborate religious artwork as a reaction to the plainer style of the reformation. The Savoyard Baroque movement developed after Faucigny, Chablais and Northern Geneva were returned to the Duchy of Savoie in 1564, having been taken by Protestant troops in 1536, so the movement was a celebration of the return to Savoie as well as a return to Catholicism. The art can be seen in the local buildings around the area, in particular the traditional churches.

Souvenir Shops

There are a number of local souvenir shops that sell everything ranging from postcards to hip flasks, T shirts to posters. They offer ideal presents for friends and family at home as well as a reminder of your holiday.

Local Delicacies

Food and drink are a large part of the culture of the Haute Savoie, and has particular importance to Chatel as Abondance cheese is made in the Abondance valley. The types of food that is produced in Chatel shows that it is an Alpine village. The food had to be able to last through cold winters, when food could not be produced from the land which would spend much of the time covered by snow. As well as Abondance cheese other cheeses such as Tomme and Reblochon are also produced in the area. Cured hams and Saucissons are also foods that will last through the winter and have been made in the area for hundreds of years

Local Delicacies Stores

Many of the local delicacies are suitable to take home to enjoy after your holiday. There are shops in town, as well as the local market, which sell local honeys and jams, cheeses, ham, saucisson as well as the local liquers such as Poire, Genepi and Chartreuse, perfect to enjoy with your friends at home!