Avoriaz is the highest resort of the Portes du Soleil, arguably the largest linked ski area in the world. It is a modern town, built in the 1960s, and links Morzine and Les Gets to Chatel and the Swiss resorts of the ski  area.

Discover Avoriaz

Avoriaz has a great deal to offer and a lot of information is available when planning your visit and during your stay. This can mean to practical information such as the weather and the snow reports, that can be read online or checked via webcam. It can also mean learning some of the history of the area. Avoriaz is the newest resort of the Portes Du Soleil and its development has been key to the area's growth as a centre for alpine sports. It is a good idea to learn about the geography of the area - what towns are around, from the Les Gets and Morzine side over to Switzerland in the other direction. It is also good to learn about the culture of the area, in particular the local art and the local traditional foods.

Getting There

Avoriaz is located close to Geneva, the closest international airport. It is unique among most ski resorts in that the transfer time from Geneva to resort is a lot less. From the airport the options to get to resort are - transfer, car rental, bus or taxi. There are a number of transfer companies that regularly go between Geneva and Avoriaz that offer a well priced service. From Morzine the vans then head up the route d'Avoriaz, a climb that has featured in the Tour De France. The flight usually takes about one and a half hours and the transfer, depending on the time of year and the traffic, usually takes about the same. For those bringing skis/snowboards/bikes out to Avoriaz it is important to check the small print when booking flights for any extra costs and to also inform the transfer company. Another option to get to Avoriaz is driving. This takes longer - approximately nine hours from Calais - and includes the cost of the péage - or tolls - but is a good option if you wish to have your car with you, to visit other resorts in the area. Avoriaz is a car free town but there is ample parking on the outskirts. The proximity of Cluses and Thonon also means that the train is an option. From these stations it is possible to either book a taxi or get one of the regular buses up to resort.


There are plenty of different options for holiday makers in Avoriaz and something to suit everyone. There are different types of accommodation which include self catered chalets, catered chalets, hotels and apartments. If people choose self catered then they can always visit one of the many local restaurants. There are many different options, from Pizzas and Burgers to local specialities such as Fondue and Raclette. Once in resort there are a few options to get around town. If you are in the centre you can walk around town easily. There are also sleigh rides available around town. Avoriaz is mostly a ski and snowboard town and is generally quiet for the rest of the year. As a purpose built resort it is specifically tailored to winter sports.