The Main Projects in Morzine can be split into two different categories. The projects to build new ski lifts to improve the skiing experience, projects that are unique to mountain towns, and the general building projects to improve the infrastructure of the town.

In 2009 a study was entrusted to the Uguet firm and in particular the architect Jean-Francois Cottet-Puinot. The purpose of this study was to ascertain better ways to improve access to the cable cars (by bus and car), connections to existing roads, preservation of the Dereches site, improved pedestrian areas and improved short term and long term parking. A new tunnel has been proposed which would reduce pollution and traffic in resort and provide better access. The estimated cost of this construction is 12 million euros.

Local Development Plan

The PLU development plan 2004/2008 means that the area from La Poste to Palais du Sport means that no new development can take place in this area without a thorough investigation into the effects on the surrounding infrastructure - roads, pedestrian areas, green areas, sports fields and car parks. Given the proposed location of the bottom station for the new Morzine - Avoriaz link on the Rue Du Bourg a thorough study must be undertaken to evaluate the impact it will have on this area.

The Cemetery

Built in 1843, the local cemetery is located near to the church in the centre of town. However, when the Dranse river floods it can cause major problems. Since 1969 the cemetery has been relocated and very few burials take place there any more. About 380 graves are in the old cemetery, with more than 300 of them only having that right for the next 15 years. However, the elected officials have met with the families and agreed that if they wish they can keep the right for another 15 years or the remains of the deceased can be moved to an ossuary. The old cemetery will then be turned into a garden of remembrance.

Looking to the future

In a town with as long a history as Morzine it is important that any new development maintains the true spirit of the town and respects the history. It is also important that nature is respected. With ever increasing numbers of visitors to Morzine every year development must take place to allow better access and keep traffic jams to a minimum. It is a balancing act between avoiding over developing the town but keeping up to date with the needs of the town.