After a holiday to Morzine, having spent the time enjoying the local culture, people often look to the local shops in order to find some souvenirs to take home with them as a way to remember their holiday.

Types of Souvenir

The shops in Morzine have a selection of different souvenirs available to buy. There are some souvenirs that are standard holiday souvenirs - these include things such as postcards (including images of the mountains both in summer and winter, traditional and modern images of the town, traditional local recipes and action shots of skiers and snowboarders) and T shirts and other branded products featuring Alpine images. There are also souvenirs that are more unique to the area. These include locally produced knives, local pottery, wooden sculptures, traditional slippers, towels and home furnishings, traditional hand crafted toys, sheep skin rugs and carved walking sticks.These can all be used to decorate homes and bring back the Alpine atmosphere.

Souvenir Shops

Nature Et Compagnie is located on Route De La Plagne just next to the Tourist Office and has a the best range of different souvenirs.

Savoie Fourrures on Rue Du Bourg in the heart of Morzine is one of the most prominent souvenir shops. It's a family business that was opened in 1979. As well as postcards it also sells many traditional Savoyard items, such as sheep skin and goat skin rugs, traditional clothes, walking sticks and decorations

At the top of the Rue Du Bourg, opposite the Tourist Office is Les Pivottes, selling postcards and souvenirs including traditional games and decorations.

Pomme De Pin on Route De La Plagne sells T shirts,postcards and local liqueurs, but really specialises in local hand made pottery.

The Tabac opposite the tourist office also stocks a number of different souvenirs, including T shirts and postcards.

Les Ateliers Montagn'Arts stocks traditional Alpine paintings on wood by Christine Pollier as well as Alpine photographs and decorations.

Icorie on Route De La Plagne stocks decorative items such as local pottery and textiles as well as womenís clothes.

As Morzine is a traditional Market town - a tradition that stretches back one thousand years - itís good to visit the market if possible. The market takes place every Wednesday morning till lunchtime in the carpark next to Carrefour in the middle of town and amongst the stalls selling the local cheeses, meats and fruit and vegetables there are also some selling souvenirs of the area.