As can be expected from a town of Morzine's age, its culture is linked to the long history of the region.

Local Art

The local art reflects the history for the area, with traditional architecture which is very distinctive for the area - if a person was to see a photograph of a traditional Morzine chalet they would know immediately that it was a Savoyard home. Due to the great regional pride a lot of the local buildings also feature artwork showing the Savoyard flag - a white cross on a red background, often shown in a shield. Wood sculpting is also a popular form of artwork in the area. 

Souvenirs Shop

Many visitors to the area want something to take home with them that is uniquely Savoyard and that will remind them of their visit. This could be anything from a toy dancing marmotte to a piece of local art or a traditional cowbell. There are a few different shops in town where things like this are sold.

Local Delicassies

With its long tradition as a farming town and a market town Morzine is a great place to try some of the world famous Savoyard delicassies. The region is probably most well known for its cheeses, in particular the Reblochon cheese that is used for Tartiflette. There are also other local cheeses such as Tomme de Savoie and Abondance - named after a nearby village. Due to the alpine climate it has always been necessary to produce food such as cheese and cured meats that can be stored for the harsh winters. These are often used in local dishes such as Tartiflette, Raclette and Fondue. The fruits that grow wild throughout the summer, such as bilberries, are also used to make sweet dishes. There are also the local liqueurs that the region is known for, in particular Genepi and Chartreuse.

Local Delicassies Stores

There are a few shops in town where the traditional saucissons and cheeses can be bought. There is also a market every Wednesday next to the Carrefour supermarket in the centre of town where there is a huge variety of local produce.