As the town has quietened for the interseason, many locals take some well-deserved rest and make the most of what our beautiful valley offers in Autumn. There is a plethora of hikes to be had in the soaring peaks around us, all of various difficulties. We have put together our top 5 in the surrounding area.

Mont Ouzon: Difficulty – Intermediate | Time – 1.5h The best time to go is for sunrise or sunset!

Lac des Mines d’Or to Col Du Cou: Difficulty – Intermediate | Time – 2.5h Drive to Lac des Mines d’Or and start the hike from there.

Roc d’Enfer: Difficulty – Intermediate/ Expert | Time – 2h15 if drive to Graydon. 6h30 for full ridge hike.

Col du Ratti: Difficulty – Easy/Intermediate | Time – 1.5h Drive to Encrenaz Car park and start your hike from there!

Nyon: Difficulty – Easy/Intermediate | Time – 1.5h from the plateau which is easily accessible in summer.