Safety On The Slopes

December 31, 2017

We are coming in to one of the busiest weeks of the season. The pistes are getting busier and there will be skiers of all different levels and experience on the slopes. This can make things more dangerous and it is important to do everything you can to make things safer for yourself and those around you, helping to avid any injuries and making sure that everyone has fun on the mountain!

First of all, ski within your abilities and be aware of your limitations. The pistes are colour coded in order for everyone to know what kind of ability they are designed for. These are green, for complete beginners, blue for people with some experience, red for intermediate skiers and black for experts. There is no point going on a black run if all you can do is snow plough – you will not enjoy it, you will not improve and you will run the risk of falling and hurting yourself. Likewise, if you are used to going full speed on a red or black be mindful of the less experienced skiers. The green and blue runs are there so that everyone can enjoy the mountain and progress. If you are coming down a run faster than those below you they have priority on the slopes and it is your duty to ensure there is no collision.

Ensure that your skiing equipment is in good condition and set up correctly. Ensure that edges are sharpened if you anticipate ice, ensure that your boots fit the bindings correctly and that the bindings are set up properly – for ski bindings make sure that the Din setting is suited too your size and ability, for snowboard bindings make sure that the angles are right for you. If in doubt, ask in the shops.

Know and understand the FIS rules for safety on the piste. These apply to everyone on the slopes, from skiers to snowboarders, bladers to monoskiers and are as follows:

Be considerate of others and help them if they need help

Ski within your ability

Choose the line you will take and pay attention to all signs and markers

Be considerate of others when overtaking and also when moving up the slope for any reason

Be careful when and where you stop

Carry some form of ID with you at all times

Keeping all of these in mind and showing common sense on the slopes will ensure that everyone has fun on the mountain!