It may seem like summer isn’t going anywhere fast, with temperatures still at an all-time high. However, as the mornings grow colder and the nights longer, it signals that we are well and truly into the belly of interseason.

Although Morzine may appear to be a ghost town, very apt at this time of year, it is a busy time for businesses and the council to complete projects before the town fills up with tourists again. Here are a few construction works that may add some time to your day due to closures.

Rue de Bourg Closure

The beloved Rue de Bourg is currently getting a facelift. Whilst they install pavements onto both sides of the street, Rue de Bourg is closed during the day so construction can take place. However, it is back open from 6 p.m. to pass through.

Super Morzine Bridge Works 🛠️

The suspension bridge is undergoing some maintenance before the winter season kicks off. It will be closed until the 24th Nov 🌉

So add a few extra minutes to your journey if you usually use it, as you’ll have to pop down the road and past Carrefour and use the Intersport steps to cross the valley floor. ⛰️