Bar Robinson is getting something new this winter

October 25, 2017

Bar Robinson is probably the most popular and well known bar for après-ski in Morzine. Serving the famous (or infamous) Mützig Old Lager it is a great place to unwind after a day on the slopes, and a few demis help relieve any aches and pains.

The bar originally opened in 1926 and has remained in the same family since, providing a friendly atmosphere for après ski drinks. The bar has remained synonymous with the strong Mützig Old Lager, having been the first bar in Morzine, and one of the first in France, to start serving it in 1984.

The bar has remained largely unchanged for years,which adds to the charm and brings people back year after year. However, slight improvements have been made in recent years to improve the customer experience. Although most of these improvements have been quite minor there is an interesting one on the way this winter. There is nothing for traditionalists to fear, however.

A new wooden terrace

The big change coming for this winter is a wooden terrace outside the entrance to the bar. There are a number of reasons for this improvement.

Firstly, the ground outside the bar was not even, meaning that tables wobbled (spilling drinks) and chairs wobbled (spilling drinkers). The new terrace will provide a far more stable surface to enjoy an afternoon drink.

The step up into the bar was also a tripping hazard for both customers and staff alike, so the new terrace will aim to eliminate this problem as well.

All in all it will provide a more cosy and inviting environment at the front of the bar. There were few areas where grass was beginning to push through outside the bar, so the new terrace will help make the exterior of the bar look considerably tidier.

It will also be a welcome addition for the large numbers of mountain bikers who enjoy drinking in the sunshine outside the bar in summer.

Ready for this winter

Construction will begin at the end of October and will be completed before winter begins.

The new terrace is sure to be a welcome addition to Bar Robinson that will improve the appearance of the bar as well as improving the experience of those visiting the bar in both winter and summer.

It is probably the biggest change to the bar since it moved upstairs in 1984!